As part of Communication Design, we had the opportunity to take a crack at developing our very own font. Inspired by transitional serif fonts with the intent to straddle the feeling of 70s horror classics and the growing popularity of distorted typography. Twist is an all-caps font built for large display print. Lowercase will give you a clear and clean font, while uppercase will display the distorted characteristics. These features are made to be used interchangeably or in any way you see fit.



Self-Portrait Vantage


This is an illustration, that is a vector-based self-portrait that was created while on a work placement with Vantage Studios. On Instagram, they have been posting this style of self-portraits for their team members. As Interns, we made our own as part of the Vantage team.

A term-long project, the Theory Catalogue, was a research project investigating the connection between alternative musical genres and the fashion found within those scenes. This look book summarizes the musical history, some of the big-name bands, as well as the influential styles that came from their respective genres.

Theory Catalogue


Flin Flon Housing Initiative


This logo development was done as part of my community design course. The objective was to partner with a local community or cause and provide our design services as needed. In connection with Frank Atnikov of Frank Growth Solutions Inc., the development of a logo for The Flin Flon Housing Initiative came about. The Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre is leading the development of sustainable and supportive housing for houseless individuals, intending to develop this initiative from a holistic, community, and sustainably aware perspective. The tree-inspired logo expands upon these characteristics showing growth as well as shelter for the community it serves.

Praxis was a term-long project that built off of our research and development within our Theory Catalogue. Taking what we learned from our last project, we were given the task of developing products and marketing related to our topic of choice. This guided me to create Wicked Dudes, a clothing brand that incorporates the influential styles and designs found within the Theory project. Wicked Dudes was created with an open, do-it-yourself design. With the hopes that all of the pieces invite the opportunity of customization to the individual. Shown here are some of the expanded marketing materials of the Wicked Dudes brand.


Product Design + Development

John Paskievich


Developed for an assignment this website was made for John Paskievich, a local documentary filmmaker and photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

While in Communication Design, I was given the chance to further develop skills such as digital drawing that I had previously not had the possibility to. This was a wonderful opportunity to combine that learning alongside a love and fascination of record cover art and all the parts that come along with making one. Welcome to the fun experimental project dubbed Old Man Hot Water.

Album Art


W6 Architecture Investor Report

Print + Editorial

This annual report was printed and bound as part of
the final step in the development of creating a piece to showcase and highlight the focus of community and sustainable building talked about throughout the report’s text. It shows the print production and execution of typography through all of its pages.

Hey I’m James! I’m a twenty-one-year old with a coffee habit. I enjoy exploring the medium of illustration work both traditional and digital and have an ever expanding interest in the fun ways you can push typography, as well as the craft of printmaking. If I’m not working you can catch me listening to new music and talking my friends ears off about space.